Concept of a Beach, in which is completely potent free, relaxing, euphoric, completely desolute from all destructive humanity. The Project would entail green and clean energy and leave visitors and spectators in awe.

Concept of implimenting augmented realty into the world of touchscreens, changing the way gestures work. Utilizing ones mind, body to control the virtual environment. Project has been active since January of 2008. The project is currently inactive.

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The idea is to build an electric car from the ground up, and to combine as much of the best avaliable technology as possible. More to come soon.

Earth Conversion is a campaign to save the world. The utilization of products safe for the environment, and eliminating products that are not "Earth Friendly". Bio-degradable products is what Earth Conversion is aiming for.

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Unique design concept from Ashley Massaro, and a little bit of us, merging a radical sinful grudge look with a classic retro look.