Game Concepts

This demonstration was created with much success to show the abilities of the Ultimate3d gaming engine. The user is able to spawn buildings, and to create villagers. The Villagers have their own artificial intelligence in which they're able to find local instances of trees, and if the tree is unoccupied to chop down and return the lumber to a designated building. The clouds and water were created additionally to demonstrate the reflection and refraction abilities in the 3d environment.

Wolfs! This concept is a simple compilation of shadow effects, animation and gore! A simple run through of a single level with NPC character and poor gravity, but hey a great experiment!

This experiment was created to simulate a ecosystem of rabbits in a 3 dimensinal enviroment, they run, jump, eat and attack, one of the first experiments we had created.

This is our ill 13 day attempt at creating a Counter strike type first person shooter engine, the engine only consisted of one gun, and one zombie, and one map, but the but much more could have been added onto it! Hey, everyone loves First person shooter video games right?