Paige Piskin

CCP Network PLUS is business platform that allows you to convert your pre-existing network contacts into a second source of revenue!

Paige Piskin

Paige Piskin is an individual who is proficient in Individualised Branding and Online Personality Direction. Paige Piskin offers tips on how you can market yourself or your acting through ethnic media.

My Soccer Guide

My Soccer Guide is a E-book series by professional player Matt Avellino. The book describes The 10 Stage Progressional Training Program for the coaches in his soccer academy in NewYork.

Library Scan Station

The library scan station is specially designed to scan the pages of a book into digital images that can be shared through USB storage devices or social-media platforms. It has opened up the doors of technology to efficient storage and instant productivity in the education industry.

College Parenting offers a guide for parents of college bound and current college students as they navigate the ins and outs of the journey to college and on to graduation.

Ashley Massaro

Official Myspace profile design for Ashley Massaro former WWE wrestling diva and playboy cover model etc.. Her Offiial Social Profile Displaying Ashley's most noticeable successes and how she is a very talented actor and performer.

Warcraft 3 Loading Screen

Created for World War 3 a Warcraft 3 Map, this is art is for a custom map. In which over 2000+ players used to play the map daily.